Solana Eyes Flip of Cardano: Crypto Community Buzzes with Anticipation

• Solana (SOL) is gaining traction in the crypto market, and is on track to flip Cardano (ADA), a significant milestone.
• The excitement for Solana’s potential has taken over Twitter, with many investors optimistic about its success.
• Meanwhile, Cardano investors lament their project’s lack of marketing compared to Solana.

Solana Gains Momentum as Cardano Flip Edges Closer

Solana (SOL) is generating significant interest in the crypto space. At present, the coin has a market cap of $10,282,533,516 and each SOL token is priced at $25.54 – representing a 16.28% increase over the past week. This puts it on track to flipping Cardano (ADA), which currently sits at a market capitalization of $10,772,611,760 with each ADA token priced at $0.3079 – indicating a 6.01% increase over the past week. If successful, this would make SOL the 7th biggest crypto token by total market cap .

Twitter Reacts to Potential Flipping of Cardano

The news of Solana’s potential flip has caused quite a stir in the crypto community on Twitter; there are many users excited for its success and growth prospects while some Cardano investors have acknowledged the possibility of Solana flipping their project but lamenting their lack of marketing efforts compared to those put out by Solana .

FTX Collapse Impacted Solanas Value

Since its close relationship with FTX led to its crash back in November 2020 , Solana has still not been able to reach its previous value of $33.20 that it traded at before then . Despite this setback however , it seems that since then , the platform has seen various ecosystem developments which could be driving investor confidence and pushing up its price again .

Cardano Investors Urge More Aggressive Marketing Strategy

In response to this development , Cardano investors have urged more aggressive marketing strategies from their project in order to compete effectively against other projects such as Solana . They argue that while they have substantial technological potential , they need more aggressive promotion if they want more people investing in them .


In conclusion , it appears that despite suffering from an FTX related crash , Solanas upward trend since then suggests that it may soon become one of the top cryptos by flipping Cardanos position . This development has created quite a buzz amongst both communities who are now eagerly awaiting what happens next .

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