Shibarium Accused of Code Plagiarism, BONE Dips 17%

• Shibarium accused of code plagiarism and BONE dips 17%
• Crypto Twitter feud escalates after new social channels are created
• SHIB Army worried about the situation getting out of hand

Shibarium Accused of Code Plagiarism

Shibarium, the developer team behind the popular memecoin Shiba Inu (SHIB), is facing accusations on Crypto Twitter that its recent Beta code was copied from another blockchain startup called Rinia. This led to a 6.2% drop in SHIB value over the last 24 hours and a 17% dip in Shibarium’s own token, BONE.

Social Media Feud Intensifies

The allegations sparked an intense debate on social media, with several new channels created for people to express their opinions. One high-ranking member of the SHIB Army even pointed out technical discrepancies such as the Chain ID being identical as Rinia’s testnet genesis file – raising more doubts about Shibarium’s coding practices.

The „SHIB Family“ Divided

In response, Shytoshi Kusama posted a message on Discord asking unhappy community members to leave the channel he was part of. This has caused further division within what had been dubbed “the SHIB family” by some of its supporters – with Kusama’s followers moving to new Discord and Telegram channels while his opponents stayed put.

SHIB Dream Calls For Unification

The owner of SHIB Army Social websites, SHIB Dream voiced his concerns in a long thread on Twitter calling for unification between both sides before things got out of hand. He said: “All the people that are part of this Shib Family are getting hurt because of power, control and greed.“


The situation surrounding Shibarium remains uncertain as no official statement has been made yet by its developers concerning these allegations. It remains to be seen whether these issues can be resolved peacefully or if they will lead to further divisions between members of the Shiba Inu community.

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