Pattern Trader Scam?

Pattern Trader Reviews: Reliable or Scam?

Pattern Trader is a trading bot that offers an automated investment system and claims to be able to generate profits for its users.

Pattern Trader has recently gained popularity – some users claim that it is a fantastic investment opportunity while others claim that it is a scam.

With differing opinions, it’s hard to know if this bot is reliable.

In this Pattern Trader review, we take an in-depth look at this platform to get an objective opinion on its reliability.

Pattern Trader review: is it reliable?

Pattern Trader review: Reliable or scam?
Many people wonder about the reliability of Pattern Trader. This automatic trading software can apparently analyze thousands of pieces of information in a fraction of a second. According to them, because of its ability to anticipate market movements, Pattern Trader claims to make its users rich.

The robot claims to succeed in 9 out of 10 transactions. It would also be able to guarantee a daily profit of up to $1500. That’s an alleged 90% win rate.

These claims are so bold that they raise questions from investors. Our investigations about this platform reveal that the robot does indeed collaborate with regulated brokers.

On the other hand, there are mixed reviews online.

Basically, any investor who wants to benefit from an automatic trading platform can rely on it. However, you should be aware of the risk involved in putting your money into a trading platform.

What is Pattern Trader?

Pattern Trader is an automated trading platform that was created by a group of anonymous developers to trade bitcoin by offering an automated trading system that supposedly has artificial intelligence to trade bitcoin (much like Bitcoin Era or Bitcoin Trader.

It is precisely this automatic side that distinguishes it from all the classic brokers you know Kraken, Coinhouse, etc.

Pattern Trader: How does it work?
Pattern Trader review: Reliable or scam?
The Pattern Trader robot makes its services available to its users easily. All you have to do is register on the platform to benefit from the following features:

Real-time market analysis
Selling and buying digital assets
Possibility to withdraw winnings.

To start, users must deposit money via the authorized payment methods on the site. Once done, your funds are redirected to Pattern Trader’s partner brokers. The robot then starts trading automatically, according to a strategy you set after registration.

When a trade generates profits, the algorithm takes a commission from you and is supposed to direct your funds into your account. It is supposedly possible to withdraw them in only 24 hours.