Nike Launches Air Force 1 NFTs: Unlock Discounts & VIP Experiences!

• Nike has launched its first-ever virtual sneaker NFT collection, inspired by the iconic Air Force 1 Low shoes.
• The Our Force 1 collection is available on Polygon and comes in two types of boxes – Classic Remix and New Wave.
• Each box costs $19.82 and will unlock special discounts & VIP experiences in the physical world.

Nike Launches Air Force 1 Virtual Sneaker NFTs on Swoosh

Nike just released the first-ever digital sneaker NFT collection, which takes inspiration from the legendary Nike Air Force 1 Low, originally released back in 1982. The initial drop today will be available for OF1 Poster holders, while the first access Our Force 1 sneaker box sale will launch on May 8th, 2023.

Two Boxes, One Collection

On the .Swoosh platform, NFT enthusiasts will be able to choose from two types of boxes, which represent two eras of Nike Air Force 1 – Classic Remix and New Wave. The Classic Remix box contains variations of Nike Air Force 1 between 1982 and 2006, while New Wave consists of all of AF1 Low model remakes from 2007. On top of that, some of these NFT boxes come with either “Futuristic Twist” or “Nostalgic Twist” – which are deemed the most valuable in the virtual sneaker collection. All of the NFTs cost $19.82 – a symbolic price that pays homage to the original Nike Air Force 1 release year.

Perks For Physical World

Nike’s platform for virtual goods assures that these virtual sneaker NFTs will unlock special discounts and VIP experiences in the physical world. While details on perks will be revealed in coming months, general access sale begins on May 10th on a first come first serve basis.

„Your Force 1“ Contest Winners

For rare collectors there is also a chance to find co-created AF1s from four winners of .SWOOSH „Your Force 1“ contest who have designed their own limited edition kicks as part of this launch event series!

On Flipside

Despite building on Polygon (MATIC), Nike doesn’t support Matic Network tokens directly as payment method; only debit or credit cards are accepted at checkout!

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