Ducati Revs Up Digital Collectibles with Ripple-Powered NFTs!

• Ducati, the iconic Italian motorcycle manufacturer, has partnered with XRP Ledger to launch a new NFT collection featuring the brand’s logos since 1946.
• Early registrants will be able to claim free NFTs from this debut collection and exclusive access to future projects is promised for those who purchase from it.
• The collaboration between Ducati and Ripple was initially announced in July 2022 which raises questions regarding its connection with recent developments in the Ripple legal case.

Ducati & Ripple Partnership

Ducati, the iconic Italian motorcycle designer and manufacturer, has announced a groundbreaking foray into the world of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) through a partnership with XRP Ledger. This move promises to revolutionize the collector’s world as enthusiasts eagerly await its launch.

Inaugural NFT Collection

The inaugural NFT collection is scheduled for release on July 26 and features an assortment of Ducati logos used on motorcycles crafted since 1946. This unique collection pays homage to the rich heritage and evolution of Ducati and serves as a testament to its enduring legacy in the automotive world.

Free NFT Offerings

To ensure they don’t miss out on this digital revolution, users can register within seven days from the launch date in order to claim their free NFTs. Purchasers of NFTs from this debut collection will also gain exclusive access to forthcoming Ducati NFT projects hinting at an exciting future for collectors and enthusiasts alike.

Partnership Context

This announcement followed in July 2022 but questions arise regarding possible connection between this launch and recent developments in the Ripple legal case. A web of collaborations between various players such as Lamborghini strengthens Ducati’s position as an industry leader.


The upcoming launch of Ducati’s historical NFT collection promises an exciting experience for collectors all over the world as it continues to expand its reach into digital realms through innovative partnerships like these ones with Ripple and XRP Ledger .

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