Bitcoin coin and chart technique symbolise

Bitcoin coin and chart technique symbolise bitcoin securities

The Bitcoin price is climbing one new all-time high after the next. But many investors are still on the sidelines, as they do not want to leave the familiar environment of their securities account. In the meantime, however, there are enough traditional securitisations that can be booked into the classic custody account even without knowledge of wallet and tokens. We therefore show six reputable bitcoin securities on The News Spy that anyone can put into their securities account.

In order to offer both private investors and institutional investors who do not want to or are not allowed to acquire tokens access to the growth market of cryptocurrencies, more and more fund companies and asset management companies are issuing traditionally securitised securities that have bitcoin as an underlying asset, for example. In other words, they are using the old-world infrastructure with securities accounts, WKNs or ISINs and central securities depositories, etc.

The crypto and traditional financial markets are thus moving ever closer together, enabling ever greater inflows of funds into the crypto market. Those who are betting on rising prices can therefore be happy about the current development.

Not Wall Street, but Frankfurt, Zurich or Vienna

Unfortunately, not every investor can invest in every traditionally securitised security. For one thing, some securities are only designed for institutional or professional investors, and for another, not every security has a licence in every country.

Especially in the case of financial products from the USA, it is often difficult for European investors to acquire them directly without detours. For this reason, we only focus on securitised Bitcoin financial products from the DACH region that are also approved for private investors. European standards thus not only ensure smooth access, but also the highest regulatory standards.

Bitcoin securities: The trend is just getting started

The fact that we are only at the beginning of this development is shown by the dynamic product expansion and high demand for bitcoin securities. Practically every week, established investment companies announce the release of a new Bitcoin financial product. At the same time, high demand is causing a huge influx of funds into the securities.

For example, one of our Bitcoin securities presented here, which is traded on the German stock exchange Xetra, was able to record a capital inflow in the triple-digit millions after only a short time. This Bitcoin ETC – the name stands for Exchange Traded Crypto – was only launched in the summer of 2020 and was already able to announce over 250 million euros in assets under management by the end of 2020.

This example shows that many investors prefer to rely on regulated, exchange-traded index securitisations than to acquire Bitcoin and Co. on a crypto exchange.

What about „Bitcoin shares“?

In addition to classic securities such as tracker certificates, whose goal is to replicate an underlying asset such as Bitcoin as 1:1 as possible, there are also exchange-traded stock corporations that are heavily involved in the crypto ecosystem. These are often asset management or bitcoin mining companies that hold large amounts of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

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